About Us


Founded in 1955, Bundy’s Sewer and Drain is still a family-owned business located in Jericho, Vermont. Nowadays the company is owned and operated by Brad Fischer, Todd Fischer, and Deanna Fischer aka Deanna Bundy, daughter of former owner Warren Bundy.


If you’re having your tank pumped and think you’re seeing double – you’re not! Brad and Todd are twin brothers that handle all pumping and other fieldwork.


Bundy’s Sewer and Drain are known for their reliable service and concern for the environment. They pride themselves on listening to customers and meeting their needs as well as keeping them educated so that they don’t run into costly septic system situations that could have been prevented.


Learn more about Brad and Deanna in Drain Surgery, an article written by Business People Vermont.

Have you cleaned your septic filter recently?

Without regular maintenance of the outlet filter, sewage could back up into your home. Depending on certain factors, a filter should be cleaned every 3-6 months. For more information on the frequency of septic filter learning.

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